Fan The Flame…

…I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God
2 Timothy 1:6

In summer we use a fan to cool things down. In winter we use it to get a few flameless embers to transform into a raging fire that produce lots of heat. This transformation from ember to fire takes only a few short minutes. The fan does its work quickly. It causes something hidden & insignificant to become something that can’t be ignored. It causes a dying fire to become a raging inferno.

In today’s verse Paul reminds us that the gifts of God in us aren’t going to look after themselves. He says these gifts are like a fire and they must be tended. When a fire is ignored & neglected it eventually goes out. It’s the same with these gifts from God. When we fan them, they come to life. As we continue fanning them, they transform into an unstoppable inferno.

Paul says we’re to do whatever we can to stir up, fan & rekindle these gifts of God. This means we’re not meant to fan our fleshy & lusty desires that lead to death. We’re to fan God’s gift that will alway produce life. We’re to take God’s gift from something hidden & insignificant to something that simply can’t be ignored.

This week let’s proactively FAN INTO FLAME the GIFT OF GOD in us. Let’s take every opportunity to step out & step up to reignite our spiritual gifts. Pray over them. Speak God’s Word over them. Encourage even the most hidden & insignificant ones to come to life & flourish. Then, in a short while, the gift of God will be fired up. It will flourish & help others just like His Word promises.