The Power of Going…

As they went, they were healed
Luke 17:14

Have you ever missed your train or bus? It can be very frustrating. It left on schedule but you didn’t. It arrived at its destination but you didn’t. It’s impossible for us to reach our destination if we never depart on our journey. We may want or even need to be somewhere but until we go on the journey we’ll never arrive.

Today’s verse tells us about 10 lepers who came to Jesus. They wanted Jesus to heal them. He sent them to a destination they hadn’t considered. He sent them to the temple. When the 10 heard what Jesus said they obediently embarked on their journey. As they went, they received their answer, they were healed. They received their answer long before they reached their destination, the temple.

There’s power in the “going” when Jesus speaks. When we hear Jesus and go in obedience, we receive everything we need long before our journey is completed. We are rewarded with joy & healing through our obedience. We are rewarded as we move towards the destination Jesus has set for us.

This week let’s not miss our spiritual bus or train. When we see a promise in God’s Word let’s start moving forward on a journey to reach it. We don’t have to move far but we do need to move away from our problem and towards our promise. As we do this, God’s answer moves towards us. Long before we arrive at our destination, we’ll receive what we need so we’ll be able to enjoy the remainder of our journey.