Much Pain…

The words of the careless stab like a sword, but the words of the wise bring healing
Proverbs 12:18

Have you ever been a part of a conversation that’s left you winded, hurt & unable to speak? It started nicely enough but rapidly devolved into a vicious personal attack. What they said & how they said it penetrated right in. Their words were wounding, discouraging and hurtful. Then they just walked away like nothing had happened.

Today’s verse lets us know that this is not an uncommon occurrence. It also lets us know that God has a magnificent way to bring healing, health & restoration back to us. People often don’t give thought, consideration or attention to the words they speak. They allow their words to act like stabbing swords. They let them penetrate & damage as they run away ignoring the mayhem they’ve caused. Some will even guise their words with spiritual language but pride is the base cause.

None of this takes God by surprise, He is concerned about our words. God has a way of escape for anyone who is damaged by the careless words of others. We’re told to go to someone who is wise & listen to their words. Their words will bring healing, health & restoration back to us. Their words will help us get up and get on with life again. Their words will put us back into the purpose, plan & future God has for us.

This week let’s allow God to use us to bring healing, health & restoration back to someone. There’s a multitude of hurting people who need help. Don’t try to be wise or have all the answers. Just be a listening ear, speak kind & encouraging words and let Holy Spirit minister through you like only He can. In no time at all they’ll be on their road to healing and they’ll end up being strengthened rather than destroyed.