Forward Sight…

Why do you keep looking backward to your past and have second thoughts about following me
Jesus speaking in Luke 9:62

The rear-view mirror in a car is good for a quick glance behind but it’s useless in guiding us forward. This mirror simply displays a tiny part of what’s behind us. In contrast the windscreen is so much larger. It gives us a panorama of where we’re actually heading. It shows us exactly what’s ahead. We can only drive safely looking through the windscreen not staring into the rear-view mirrors.

In today’s verse we discover that Jesus shares a similar detail. He says that our tendency in life is to look backwards to our past. Whenever we do this, we miss out on so much. We only see a small portion of what life has been. We see such a small piece that it causes us to have second thoughts. These thoughts make us see our future in the wrong way.

The future that God has for us is an absolute panorama. 2 Corinthians tells us that it is both wide-open & spacious. It goes onto say that our future is full of all of God’s promises. So why keep looking back to our past? Let’s train ourselves to continuously look forward. Let’s keep looking at the vista before us. Let’s keep pursuing the promises, building His Kingdom, loving His Bride; the Church.

This week is our opportunity to move ahead in life & connect with our future. It’s not that difficult to achieve. We simply stop looking back through the rear-view mirror of life and start looking through the windscreen of promises that God has for our future. As we keep ignoring the temptation to glimpse at our past our thought life will change and we’ll be staring at an absolutely magnificent future. It’s the future God formed specifically for us that was unobtainable in our past.