An Outstanding Attitude…

Always be outstanding in the work of the Lord
1 Corinthians 15:58

Have you ever dealt with a shop assistant who was disinterested, distracted & discontent? Everything requested is met with grunts, groins & attitudes of disapproval. It seems like they’d prefer to be doing anything rather than help you. Their attitude causes it to be both an unpleasant & frustrating experience.

Today’s verse reminds us to have the right attitude as we serve the work of the Lord. We’re meant to have an outstanding attitude. That’s an attitude that’s abounding, overflowing & above what others would expect. It’s an attitude that can see results long before the job is completed. It’s an attitude that can only be in born-again believers who are serving the Lord.

We’re not meant to have this outstanding attitude only when we want. We’re told to have it always. Whether we’re working by ourselves or in a group we should have an outstanding attitude. If we’re serving in a small Church or a mega Church, we should have an equally outstanding attitude. If we’re serving with friends or with strangers our outstanding attitude should always be there. When we do, we’re guaranteed never to be useless.

This week let’s ensure we have an outstanding attitude as we work for the Lord. Let’s not allow circumstance, difficulty or even jealousy to distract us from being outstanding. Let’s ensure everything we do is done with enthusiasm, excellence, & faithfulness. When we do, we’ll become steadfast, immovable & victorious, wasting nothing.