Let’s Walk…

Walk humbly in the company of your God
Micah 6:8

There’s nothing like a good walk with great friends. No one is in a rush as we stroll in the same direction, seeing the same things, and enjoying the shared experience. We listen, we talk & we learn from each other. The longer we walk, the more we get to know & the more we find in common.

Today’s verse lets us know how to walk with God. When we walk with Him our focus will go onto Him. When our focus is on him our thoughts are on Him. When our thoughts are on Him, they’re no longer on the troubles we have. When we’re no longer looking at our troubles, we’re able to listen & learn from Him. God pours out His wisdom and we receive His plan to move forward into our future.

As we stop walking with the world and start walking with God, we begin to know His heart & His ways like never before. We’re able to hear his voice speak clearly. We see things His way rather than ours. We start to act justly and to love mercy just like He does. The longer we walk together the more we’ll understand and the more amazing our future will become.

So, this week, let’s start a fresh daily walk with God. Let’s not treat it as a special event. Let’s make it a new habit instead. Let’s spend time each day setting our focus on Him and Him alone. Let’s allow our thoughts to walk with His thoughts through His Word. Let’s listen and learn as God leads us along life’s many paths. The longer we walk with Him, the more our thoughts will align with His and the great our future becomes filled with His promises.