Abraham believed anyway, deciding to live not on the basis of what he saw he couldn’t do but on what God said he would do
Romans 4:18

Have you ever felt limited in life? Many people limit themselves through what they’re unable to do rather than what they can actually accomplish. What they think, say & believe frames their lives and causes them to accept less than what God would have for them. When we decide to do what God says, living out His promises, our lives expand, increase & become abundantly fruitful.

Today’s verse lets us know that Abraham experienced challenges in life similar to what we do. Abraham had to believe even when everything seemed impossible. Abraham had to live his life relying on what God said rather than on what he could see & accomplish. Abraham had to believe & decide that God’s plan for him would happen even if he couldn’t understand.

We are the biggest limit on our lives. We limit ourselves to what we know we can comfortably do. But God knows we have so much more in us. When we believe & decide to live out the God possibility in us, our future changes. What we see & know becomes superfluous to what God can actually do in and through us.

This week let’s “believe anyway” just like Abraham. Let’s decide to live by what God says we’re capable of rather than through our personal limits. Any situation that arises let’s resist the temptation of what we see & focus instead on God’s promises. Let’s live like Abraham; not limited any longer by what we can’t do but living life through what God says He will do.