Follow The Light…

“I am the light of the world.
No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness.
I provide plenty of light to live in.”
John 8:12

Have you ever stumbled around in the night looking for a light switch? It’s hard not to bang & bump into things that can’t be seen. It’s very difficult to remember exactly where everything is and so much noise is produced that everyone is woken up. If only there was a small amount of light things would become so much easier. Once we have some light things becomes visible and are easily found. Peace & tranquility return quickly.

This week’s verse lets us know the value of having true light in our lives. Jesus reminds us that He is this light to everyone. Without Jesus people will clumsily stumble around in darkness trying to find their own way through life. With Jesus we’re guaranteed there’s no stumbling, no darkness & plenty of light. Following Jesus means we can live our lives His way: productive, purposeful and with peace & tranquility.

There is plenty of light for our lives when we follow Jesus. There are no dark places where His light cannot shine & overcome [John 1:5]. His light never leaves or abandons us [Hebrews 13:5]. His light shines through our lives causing others to glorify God in Heaven [Matthew 5:16].

So, this week lets not stumble around in darkness. Let’s take this powerful promise from Jesus & enter fully into His Life of true light. By following Him & what He says in His Word, we’ll become sure-footed & stable. Our future will be visible. The road ahead will become more productive & purposeful filling up with His peace & tranquility.

Salt Please…

“You are the salt…” Matthew 5:13

 When sitting down to enjoy a good meal people often ask, “Can you pass the salt please?” This is often said before they’ve even tasted a mouthful. They want the seasoning on hand to be able to improve the flavor. They want to make their meal a more enjoyable & memorable experience.

Jesus tells us in today’s verse that we are the salt of the world. We are what everybody wants so that they can have greater flavor and enjoyment in life. When we know what we are we’re able to help other people more effectively. We can touch their lives and cause their future to have more flavor, enjoyment and be more memorable. We do this simply by being ourselves and helping others.

Now remember that salt doesn’t do any good sitting on a table in a saltshaker. It’s got to be sprinkled on the food for it’s full benefit to be realized. It’s the same with us. We need to get out of our own little world and influence others in a Godly way. When we act like salt by helping others we will get the result the bible promises: Glorifying the Father in Heaven [Matthew 5:16]

This week make a decision to “sprinkle” yourself over the lives of lots of other people. Become their encouragement, their fun and their friend. Get out of the saltshaker by doing something special with someone who is lonely or marginalized in your world. Before long your salt will season each relationship and God the Father will be glorified in Heaven.