What You Really Want…

Abraham believed in the God who gives life to the dead and calls into existence those things that do not exist 
Romans 4:17

Most people want what they see. If they’re watching a cooking show on TV, they want that food. If they see a sporty car in a glossy magazine, it’s the one they need. Large companies and movie studios make use of this weakness to advertise and sell products to many people. It works for them but it’s not how God’s Kingdom functions.

Today’s verse shows us clearly God’s way to move ahead in life. We’re told to believe, trust, commit & have faith in God. We’re to look at nothing else but God to form our future. He’ll cause life to enter where only death has been. He’ll cause darkness to flee as light enters in. He’ll ensure that every stench leaves our life and that the aroma of heaven remains.

We’re also told that God calls into existence things that do not already exist. He did it in creation [Genesis 1] and He’s still doing it today. He’s speaking over our lives so they’ll become exactly what they’re meant to be [Jeremiah 29:11]. Rather than looking at what’s wrong around us let’s speak out our God’s future and let His Word form life’s road ahead.

This week let’s begin to re-fashion our future God’s way rather than the worlds. Let’s take our eyes off what we see and start speaking God’s Word to what needs to change. Before long we’ll notice life begin to adjust with new things existing where they never existed before. Simply believe, trust and speak God’s Word and  be ready to grab a hold of the greatest future.