Turn Your Life Around…

Choose life so that you and your children will live
Deuteronomy 30:19

Have you ever felt like you’re living in a whirlpool of difficulty? Everywhere you look something seems to be going wrong. There are broken relationships, difficult workplaces and rude, opinionated people. You want to run & escape. You want your life restored to one of success a& blessing.

Today’s verse lets us know that our choices determine our life. It also reminds us that the choices we make determine whether our children live under a blanket of blessing or in a whirlpool of difficulty. To live blessed is to ensure we make choices that contain life rather than death. Life results from making continual Godly choices.

Every day we’re faced with many choices. God gifted us each with a brain and He expects us to use them to choose life. God promised Joshua success when he followed Him & obeyed His Word [Joshua 1]. Joshua’s family was blessed because Joshua made good choices, even in battle. God was continually with Joshua and he overcame every difficulty he faced. Circumstance were never allowed to determined Joshua’s choice and they shouldn’t determine ours either.

This week let’s take responsibility for making good choices. Let’s make our decisions by looking through God’s Word [the Bible] rather than by being driven by circumstance. In no time at all we’ll turn the tide from death, decay and disaster into life, increase and success. Our children will live in the blessing of our decisions and they won’t be drawn into whirlpools of difficulty. Choose well this week; choose life, choose God!