1 Samuel 30:6 “But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord.”

We all love life when it’s going well. As people believe in and encourage us we advance easily. In these seasons we often feel that we could take on anything and win. On the other hand, when life is less encouraging, our progress can be a little more difficult to achieve.

David held a key to making progress through the less encouraging seasons of life. Our verse takes place when David was in distress and about to be stoned by his own people. It says that he “encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord.” In other words David became his own personal cheerleader of God in his life.

In some seasons we need to cheer ourselves on. Others may not notice what God has been doing for us but we do. These are the times when we open up our mouths and declare God’s goodness like David would. “Come on I know I can do it, I can overcome. God helped me slay the lion, slay the bear so now lets go slay this Goliath!”

We become a cheerleader of God in our life. As we cheer, others will start to join in. Before we know it there will be a whole team all cheering God together!

So take up the challenge and become your own personal cheerleader. Start declaring God’s goodness in your life. Keep cheering until a whole team of people surrounds you. You will be helping others as you help yourself. This is what the gospel is all about. Have the greatest week cheerleading yourself to success.

It’s Never Impossible…

Luke 9:13 But Jesus said, “You feed them…”

I just love Jesus! He gives such clear instruction. In this instance the disciples thought He was telling them to do something impossible. In reality Jesus had told them to do something that was difficult but not impossible. Jesus never asks us to do anything that is impossible.

So, Jesus demonstrated exactly how to have victory over a difficult task…

  1. He took what was available
  2. He put His trust in heaven as His source
  3. Prayed & commanded Blessing on what was in his hands

The result was that the little He held was multiplied and became more than enough to complete the task. It was a difficult task but it was not impossible.

It is easy for us to feel challenged by God’s Word and what it tells us to do. The fact is it may be difficult but it is never impossible.

When we feel this way we are to do as Jesus did…

  1. Take what is available
  2. Put our trust in Him as our source
  3. Pray & command Blessing on what we have

The result will be multiplication to achieve the task. We will have more than enough to complete it. Remember it may seem difficult but it will never be impossible.

Why not apply this truth in our lives from today on. I believe we will begin to see the miraculous take place and we will discover that nothing is impossible when we put our trust in God!