1 Samuel 30:6 “But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord.”

We all love life when it’s going well. As people believe in and encourage us we advance easily. In these seasons we often feel that we could take on anything and win. On the other hand, when life is less encouraging, our progress can be a little more difficult to achieve.

David held a key to making progress through the less encouraging seasons of life. Our verse takes place when David was in distress and about to be stoned by his own people. It says that he “encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord.” In other words David became his own personal cheerleader of God in his life.

In some seasons we need to cheer ourselves on. Others may not notice what God has been doing for us but we do. These are the times when we open up our mouths and declare God’s goodness like David would. “Come on I know I can do it, I can overcome. God helped me slay the lion, slay the bear so now lets go slay this Goliath!”

We become a cheerleader of God in our life. As we cheer, others will start to join in. Before we know it there will be a whole team all cheering God together!

So take up the challenge and become your own personal cheerleader. Start declaring God’s goodness in your life. Keep cheering until a whole team of people surrounds you. You will be helping others as you help yourself. This is what the gospel is all about. Have the greatest week cheerleading yourself to success.

Your Time to Flourish…

1 Corinthians 3:6 “I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow.”

Have you ever been in a circumstance where you think to yourself a third hand would be really helpful right now? It doesn’t matter what the situation, we all have times when we need help to successfully complete our assignment.

We must remember that we are each created to be dependent on other people. Every person, no matter how competent, needs help. We are each limited physically, intellectually and spiritually. That is why God created us to work with others. It is the very reason that He surrounded us with family, friends, colleagues and spiritual leaders.

As we all work together, each doing our part, an amazing thing happens. God makes that seed grow. That’s right, He is then able to make our tasks flourish, grow and produce fruit! I’m ready for that, how about you?

This week let’s set our sights on flourishing in God by finding the right people to team up with and take on life’s big challenges. This will activate the principle of growth over our lives. Once our part is done then God is able to complete His part. We will soon discover ourselves surrounded by growth. We will experience the sweet fruit of success. God will cause our lives to flourish like never before.