Help Wanted…

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

Have you ever seen a sign in a window that says “Help Wanted” In reality this sign is offering more than just employment. It is signaling that someone has discovered that they can’t accomplish all they want by themselves.

You and I can be in a similar position when we look at life and think, “I don’t have the strength to accomplish all of this.” These are the times when we need to put out our “Help wanted” sign to God.

Our verse lets us know that He will respond. He will allow us to draw our strength from Him. Now there’s an amazing key hidden in this verse that will have you feeling strong more often than you feel weak. The key is to seek God’s face continually.

Now a face always looks forward. God’s face is the same. We find His face as we look towards our future. We will never find His face in our past. As we look for God in our future we are ensured that He will be our strength.

This week let God know that you need His help. Stop looking for Him in your past and resolutely seek Him in your future. As we do this strength will flow from heaven enabling us to flourish into the future. It’s not difficult; you just have to look in the right direction – to God in your future!

We love you and believe in you.

Success Starts With…

Exodus 4:17 “And you shall take this rod in your hand, with which you shall do the signs.” [NKJV]

Up until this moment in time, Moses had only used his rod to work his trade as a Shepherd. He used it to rescue sheep and to move them about. He used it to rest upon when he was weary and walk across rugged terrain. Suddenly, God is telling him to use it in a whole new way… a way Moses had never used it before!

This rod had been used for nothing more than a Shepherd’s tool. God saw it doing greater things than Moses could have ever imagined… simply from what was in his hand. What was previously used for labor and rest was now DESTINED to be used for God’s glory in the present and the future.

What does this mean for you? God wants to take the tools and skills from your present and transform their purpose into mighty SIGNS that He alone is your God.

Here’s how it works… seek God for what tools and skills you have IN YOUR HAND and allow Him to use them now! They may have only been previously used for work or rest but God has so much more He wants to do with them.

Make a resolution right now to allow God to use what is IN YOUR HAND, and He will take the common, the ordinary things and transform them into the miraculous as a SIGN to the generations!!!