A Word Hidden…

Psalm 119:11 “Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”

Children love a game of hide and seek. As one child counts to 10 the others hide. Then the hunt begins to find them. There are often squeals and laughter as each child is found. The better hidden you are the less likely you are to lose the game.

Today’s verse gives us a very important key to building our future. It says we are to take the Word of God and store it in our heart. It is vital that God’s Word is the very center, the heart, of everything we do in life.

The more of God’s Word we store in our hearts means the less likely we are to sin. We will not miss, forfeit or lack the fullness that God has for us when we have His Word in our heart. It strengthens us to remain close to Him and ensures that we won’t easily be led astray.

Each week we post a fresh encouragement from the Bible. These are great words you can hide in your heart. You can visit this blog anytime and read our archives. Why not visit it whenever you feel you have a little extra room in your heart that needs to be filled by God’s Word.

Remember God instructs us because He loves us. Let’s respond to His love by taking His precious Word and storing it in our heart. It will allow our life to prosper like never before and ensure that we are equipped to win in our future!

Jesus He’s My Friend…

John 15:14 Jesus said “You are my friends if you do what I tell you to do”

We all need friends. As life goes on we soon discover that to keep them involves investment from both sides. Deposits of time, love, wisdom and understanding are just a few things that keep a relationship healthy. Making a choice not to invest in our friendships means that they will suffer and won’t grow how they should.

Our verse this week reveals how easy it is to have Jesus as our friend. It is a simple but often misunderstood truth. All we have to do is obey what he tells us to do and Jesus becomes our friend. Nothing more, nothing less, just obey.

If we disobey Jesus our friendship with Him suffers. He is always prepared to rebuild from the broken pieces but we must make a deposit first. We must return to the Bible and resume doing what He said. Then, before we know it, He’s counting us amongst His friends again.

Now, here’s the best part… Jesus’s friends are to be our friends too. There is absolutely no reason to ever be lonely again. Jesus wants us all to get along. His intention is that we build great friendships with Him at the centre of each one.

If making friends seems difficult then pal up with Jesus first. He’ll ensure that our friendships are sorted out quickly. Life will then become easier, more productive and have greater pleasure than can be imagined.