Above and Before…

Proverbs 4:7 “Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom!”

The journey of life can become busy and overwhelming at times. People rush everywhere trying to do everything they possibly can. Often rapid-fire decisions are made with little forethought. These often prove to be big mistakes that carry a great cost.

In life we need to slow down! Our verse lets us know that God’s way to a successful life is to get His Wisdom above and before everything. This means that God’s Wisdom must come before our plans, desires and schedules and must be placed above our emotions, circumstances and feelings.

Whenever we disregard Wisdom we are heading towards disaster without knowing it.

We can never rush Wisdom; it takes time and energy to gain it. Our bible is chocked full of Wisdom for us to live by. It is there so we can successfully navigate every part of life. The key to getting Wisdom is to slow down and take our time to read, ponder and apply God’s Word to our lives before we do something, not after.

Whenever we prioritize God’s Word in our life we are prioritizing Wisdom in our lives.

This week put God’s Wisdom above and before our personal wisdom. Let’s SLOW DOWN and allow Wisdom to seep into the very depths of our hearts. Allow Wisdom to become the foundation of every decision made. Before long our lives will be flourishing and we will be a people of Wisdom.


You’ve Got It…

Revelation 19:16 “On his robe at his thigh was written this title: King of all kings and Lord of all lords.”

One of the things that interest me about cities is that they are always growing. No sooner has one city built the highest building then another city is building an even taller one. They just keep growing and whatever stands the tallest catches our attention.

Life can be like these cities. Every day something rises up demanding our attention. As soon as we deal with it something else jumps up craving attention. It can seem never-ending.

This is where our verse helps every day. Jesus has the words “King of all Kings and Lord of all lords” written on Him. It perfectly describes who He is and where he should be ranked in our lives.

Jesus belongs at the very apex of life. He is to hold the place above every king, above every lord and above every situation that life might try to throw at us. When Jesus is prioritized in the highest place everything in life is subdued.

So, this week, let’s shuffle our priorities around. Before life’s problems have a chance to overwhelm us let’s place Jesus at the top of our schedule rather than the bottom. Instead of trying to “fit” Him into our day let’s make Jesus the reason for our day. This simple adjustment will cause every high and haughty thing in our lives to become low. It will cause victory in our life everyday!

It’s Here Somewhere…

Mark 16:2 “And very early on the FIRST day of the week, when the sun had risen, they went to the tomb.” [ESV]

Have you ever been searching for a treasured thing? You know it is buried under something, somewhere!  You become so excited when you finally locate it.

The people in our verse were on the hunt for something buried too! They were looking for Jesus. They were up very early, on the FIRST day of the week, before the sun had even risen… talk about enthusiastic! They were keen to locate Jesus so they PRIORITIZED Him… they found their treasure.

It’s true that there are dark places in everyone’s life. Places that we don’t want to let anyone into… not even Jesus. The truth is the freedom we search for is found when we allow Jesus to enter into and work in these areas.

It’s very easy to make this happen. All we need to do is PRIORITIZE Jesus. Make Him FIRST and put everything else second. There is always ample time to get Jesus involved… even if we have to search for him.

Right now schedule to meet with Jesus first; in the EARLY and even if it is still dark in your situation. Tell Jesus you want Him involved in every part of your life.   The same way they found Jesus in their situation you will too!